How to get smaller or bigger text size for messages on Samsung phones

So you have  a gigantic phone, but the keyboard still fills up most of the screen leaving little room for the text. Or you are short sighted and would love to have even bigger letters. There is a simple solution to increase or decrease the text size on your Samsung.

Changw the messaging size by the click of a button

Change the messaging size by the click of a button

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iPhone 4: Power button stuck and wifi greyed out

This is the story of my girlfriends struggle to get her iPhone to work. Now that I am starting to tell it I suddenly realize why Apple products are so much more expensive in Europe than in the US. It is because Europeans have better consumer laws than Americans and Apple have to calculate their cost of fixing their faulty products into their prices.

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Apple TV lost internet connection and what you should have done to fix it easily

I recently got a problem with my 3rd generation Apple TV . It cannot find any wifi networks. And when it does, it cannot connect to them. And it seems people also have the same problem with an ethernet cable. There is a very easy fix, if you have done everyting by the Apple book.

Apple TV
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How to delete a blank screen on Android

If you have you downloaded and deleted a lot of apps on an Android phone, you probably have a lot of home screens that you can scroll between. Moving the apps from one to another to clean up the mess is pretty straightforward. Just push, hold and drag like on Iphone. But that might lead you to a lot of unnecessary emtpy pages that is especially anoying on Android since the screens are in an infinite cycle. Here is how to get rid of those extra emtpy screens.

1.  Go to the blank screen and hit the menu button (left underneath the screen)

2. Choose Edit page and all the screens you have will pop up.

3. Drag the emty screen to Delete.

This procedure at least works on a Samsung Galaxy Note II with  Android 4.1.2

How to get cheap Adobe Creative Cloud

Don´t fancy spending all your money on Adobe´s subscription based creative cloud package? Here is 5 ways to get Photoshop and the rest of the creative suite cheaper. UPDATED

creative cloud

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Iphone 5 vs Note II vs Note III

Why you should probably NOT buy Samsung Galaxy S4

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S4? The question is very relevant and if you need a phone right away, you probably should. Or consider an Iphone 5. But if you can, wait.

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