Does Apple watch record heart rate accurately while running?

Why buy an expensive sports watch, when you can get a smart watch for about the same price? Well it depends of course on the smart watch´s abilities to record your distance, speed and heart rate accurately while jogging and running. Continue reading “Does Apple watch record heart rate accurately while running?”


No shit, Shirlock!

Tech CheatSheets´s secret

Is this really newsworthy, Wall St. Cheat Sheet? Except for iPhone 3G all models have been thinner than the model before. That goes for most phones these day. That is what phones do. Hint: When screen sizes increase you get a bigger area which means you get the same volume by decreasing the thickness. Other news: Electronic components get smaller.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5
Size matters. Image:

Updated. You can always wait for a new iPhone model to make sure to get the latest hardware. But never has the wait been more crucial, and it is not because of increased processing performance.

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iPhone 4: Power button stuck and wifi greyed out

This is the story of my girlfriends struggle to get her iPhone to work. Now that I am starting to tell it I suddenly realize why Apple products are so much more expensive in Europe than in the US. It is because Europeans have better consumer laws than Americans and Apple have to calculate their cost of fixing their faulty products into their prices.

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