How to clean install Mac OS without a bootable USB

Skjermbilde 2017-07-19 kl. 20.04.01Erasing your Mac and installing a fresh version og OS X can be a nail biting experience. Especially since Apple suggests a completely different method than almost every other website and things can seem to go awfully wrong when following Apple´s advice. But relax and read this.

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Surface Book vs Macbook Pro (vs Zenbook)

Is Microsoft´s new Surface book the long awaited Macbook Pro killer? Or might there be better options out there already?
We try to find the ultmate designer laptop that is powerful enough for games.

Skjermbilde 2015-10-13 kl. 21.04.45
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iPhone 4: Power button stuck and wifi greyed out

This is the story of my girlfriends struggle to get her iPhone to work. Now that I am starting to tell it I suddenly realize why Apple products are so much more expensive in Europe than in the US. It is because Europeans have better consumer laws than Americans and Apple have to calculate their cost of fixing their faulty products into their prices.

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Apple TV lost internet connection and what you should have done to fix it easily

I recently got a problem with my 3rd generation Apple TV . It cannot find any wifi networks. And when it does, it cannot connect to them. And it seems people also have the same problem with an ethernet cable. There is a very easy fix, if you have done everyting by the Apple book.

Apple TV
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Those little annoying things

Switching from IOS to Android can be a little frustrating and I will list a couple of the benefits and disadvantages I have discovered so far. Since this is my first venture out of the Apple world for quite a few years I am not sure if these issues are general to Android or specific to Samsung Galaxy Note II.

CC: Tsahi Levent-Levi
CC: Tsahi Levent-Levi

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Phablet – fables and facts

I finally got hold of my new phone, or phablet that is, after my Iphone ended up in the toilet by mistake. But can Samsung drive a long lived wedge in my Apple life? And what about the size of the huuuge phone?


On paper there seems to be a huge problem with Samsung Galaxy Note II – it`s size. But my transition from Apple to Samsung is also an experiment to see if a phablet can do the job of both the phone and the tablet.

After playing with the gigantic phone for some time, I am still not able to answer the question above. But I think I am ready to pass the first judgement when it comes to the size of the phablet.

This is the facts:

  • Does it fit a mans pocket? Yes, no problem there.
  • Does it fit my pocket when I sit? Yes, but I prefer to take the phone out since it is difficult to get it out of the pocket while sitting depending on the type of pants.
  • Does it fit a womans pocket? Probably not.
  • Can you operate it with one hand? Barely, depending on the app. You need a pretty large hand to reach the adress bar in the browser with the same hand as you are holding it with. You also need to balance it differently for reaching contacts in the phone mode which makes it harder to use the phone while handling a grocery bag. But I learnt the balancing act pretty quickly.
  • Does it look ridiculous talking with a phablet? Making phone calls with a Galaxy Tab looks pretty lame, but the the phablet is still shorter than my office phone, so no.

Stay tuned for more updates on the the social and technical sides of my Apple free experience.

A new beginning

Hi, my name is Chris and I am an Appleholic. I first got the taste of the sweet Apple when I exchanged my Nokia 95 with an iPhone back i 2010. The same year my work place changed all the PC work stations with Macs, and I followed shortly switching from Windows to OS X at home.

Now my home is filled with two iPhones, one iPad, two macbook pros, a time capsule and an Apple TV. The Apple life has been good. Convenient. Easy. And I have even recruited my mother and father to join the one big happy apple family with the hassle free software and stylish hardware.

But recent turn of events have made me rediscover the world outside.

A new beginning
CC: jonmatthew photography

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