Does Apple watch record heart rate accurately while running?

Why buy an expensive sports watch, when you can get a smart watch for about the same price? Well it depends of course on the smart watch´s abilities to record your distance, speed and heart rate accurately while jogging and running. Choosing which phone brand to go for has never been harder. With Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia and Huawei leading the way, Apple suddenly is the one to play catch up. But choosing the right phone is now also a choice of smart watch. Apple´s smart watch has been rumored for years and Samsung has been churning out a bunch of models trying to beforehand outsmart its rival. But even Samsung´s sport version Gear Fit does not seem to get it right. Apple is seldom a real innovator. They take other inventions and perfect them towards the consumer market. They did it with the mp3 player and touch technology, and Apple may again revolutionize the smart watch technology obsoleting sport trackers like Fitbit and Fuelband and heart rate monitors like Polar and Garmin. But has Apple really nailed it again? Other wrist based heart rates monitors have failed. But there are technology out there that seems to be doing a decent job.  Some are deeming the optical sensors to be not accurate enough compared to those annoying chest straps. Expectations are high that they have perfected the technology based on past experience with Apple and the fact that they have held the device back for so many years. Especially when they release a dedicated sports version. Other issues like the weight and feel, and battery life of a smart watch compared to leaner competitors are less important and a matter of getting used to. But the fact that you need to be running with your cell phone to get GPS, could be a turn off is you are not already used to carry one to hear music.

According to Apple the Apple Watch do not actually measure the heart rate, but the blood amount passing in the blood vessels. The inclusion of a pulse oximeter, has created speculations over why Apples as not enabled the much more interesting feature. But never the same, the green LED should be able to pick up a pretty accurate heart rate as long as it watch strap is tight enough.

But even Apples warns that for some people, the read will not be good enough if you are are person with poor blood flow (perfusion) in your skin. The same problem arise according to Apple when you exercises in cold weather. They actually recommend using a chest strap and connect that to the Apple Watch if you do not get a proper reading.


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