Apple TV lost internet connection and what you should have done to fix it easily

I recently got a problem with my 3rd generation Apple TV . It cannot find any wifi networks. And when it does, it cannot connect to them. And it seems people also have the same problem with an ethernet cable. There is a very easy fix, if you have done everyting by the Apple book.

Apple TV
If you bought your Apple TV on or have kept your receipt from a store, then you are safe. Check the serial number of your device in the menu or on the belly of the thing. If it ends with DRHN and include any of the letter combinations found here then your device has faulty hardware and is up for Apples Apple TV replacement program. Don’t worry if it is not the third and forth digit. It was a typo from Apple.

Sadly the recall of this bad hardware has been done so quietly, that not even the premium resellers know about it. And that is where my trouble began. I did not know where the device was bought nor did I have the receipt.

The store told we I had to call Apple support. Apple support told me to just go back to the store and get it replaced. The store demanded a receipt if the device was older than a year. If it was under a year, they could file it in the Apple system without the receipt. I did not remember when I got it, but told them I did not have the receipt and that it actually was a good chance that it was under a year old. Fine, now all they needed was the receipt to prove that it was no older than a year.

I tried to explain that the Apple TV was eligible for the replacement program and thought it should be as easy as them checking it out online or call Apple. But they would do no such thing. I had to call Apple again. Apple also told me that they needed the receipt. Or at least the date for the purchase. I asked the if they could just put in a date so my local premium reseller could file my case in the Apple system. But they could not do it and asked me to call the store where the device was bought. Since I had no clue where it was bought I was pretty much stuck…

Until some detective work going through bank transcripts revealed that it was actually bought at the same Apple premium reseller where I had tried to get the Apple TV replaced in the first place. Even armed with this info it was not as easy as going to the store and get a replacement for the faulty hardware. Now I am awaiting further information about the device that the store probably will send in to Apple only to get a refurbished version back some time in the future.

I cannot imagine why any store could not open a case in Apples system when it is a known hardware error and it can be proven by the serial number. Apple is not alone in the rigid and old fashioned demand for receipts. I was actually demanded a receipt to prove that my Samsung phone that only hit the market 9 months earlier actually was under one year old. It is just stupid. Until they come to their senses, please remember to keep your receipts. That is what you should have done to fix the connection problems with the Apple TV.


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