How to get cheap Adobe Creative Cloud

Don´t fancy spending all your money on Adobe´s subscription based creative cloud package? Here is 5 ways to get Photoshop and the rest of the creative suite cheaper. UPDATED

creative cloud

Buying the old packages of Adobe products was incredible expensive. Even the stand-alone photoshop software would cost 700 USD. Not to mention 2 000 – 2 500 USD for the Master Collection. So letting you rent programs or the whole bunch for å monthly price could be the way Adobe will lure the freeloaders that now are using pirated versions to pay for it. Especially since they announced that there will be no new version outside their subscription service Creative Cloud (CC).

But 50 UDS a month is still a hefty price, considering an upgrade every other year costs 500 USD, only 10 months worth of rent. So even if you do are used to upgrade every time Adobe´s new scheme will rip more money from you after a decade or so invluding the first buy in. Now if you do no like Adobe getting away with more of your hard earned cash with a service that seemingly would cost a lot less to operate than selling physical software, there are som things you could do. We start with the hardest and work our way to the easiest ways to save money.

1. Enroll at a school. The school and teacher edition is about half the price (40% if you get it now, 60% if you wait). You need to document that you joined a program that is stipulated for more than two years. This is probably not very smart if you are not planning to study and have to pay a large tuition fee. But in some countries higher education is free and pretty easy to get into.

2. Get an older version. On Ebay previous versions of Creative Suite is sold for a couple of hundred dollars depending on how old they are. There are several reasons why getting an old version of the package is a good idea.

a. If you have bought CS3 or newer you could be in for a 40 or 60 percent discount. The cheapest bundles are as good as the more expensive ones. According to the Adobe site it should be sufficient to have a serial, but it is unclear if you would have had to buy it directly from Adobe.

b. Newer versions are neat, but do you really need the new features? Working with a six year old version of photoshop would still do the job for most people. The cheaper Elements editions are also sufficient for most consumers.

3. Get free alternatives. Gimp is a good Photoshop clone that I would recommend if you are not very obsessed by the appearance of the software itself. See this article for other  recommendations for alternatives to Indesign, Premiere and Illustrator. The CS2 bundle is available for free legal download from Adobe with a universal serial number, but you are only allowed to use it if you already bought a copy.

4. Pay CC only when you need it. This is the only benefit you have with the new deal from Adobe in the long term. If you only use the programs a couple of months a year, you can pay extra for a month in stead of a year – hence ending up paying a lot less.

5. Pay in another currency. The difference between Adobe Creative Cloud prices in different countries is huge, almost double for some countries. There is really no good reason why downloadable software should cost differently except for the different levels of VAT. Adobe does not seem to mind if you choose another than your country´s currency, so make sure to use the cheapest. But keep in mind the future currency fluctuations.

UPDATE: I finally found a way to get the whole Creative Cloud absolutely free of charge. It is described in this article.


2 thoughts on “How to get cheap Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Adobe has since started using an enum for your country in the credit card information section. This restricts you from paying in a foreign currency unless your credit card address is in that country.

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