Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Iphone 5 vs Note II vs Note III

Why you should probably NOT buy Samsung Galaxy S4

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S4? The question is very relevant and if you need a phone right away, you probably should. Or consider an Iphone 5. But if you can, wait.

If you have not noticed, something big is happening in the cellular world. Contrary to the trend since mobile phones were invented, everything has gotten bigger the last year. Samsung Galaxy S4 grew to 5 inches from S3´s 4,8 inches. Iphone 5 grew half an inch to 4 inches. That is because Apple and Samsung knows you want a bigger screen. Sadly you probably do not want a bigger phone. But until the screens get flexible and foldable in a couple of years, or Google Glass changes everything, that is the tradeoff they and you got to make if we want a phone that works as a true web browsing device.

The phablets are taking over, and it is a good thing if you have the pockets for it. According to wikipedia phablets are phones with screen sizes between 5 and 8 inches. The Galaxy Note 2 was a huge success on that front. I would not imagine why anyone would want a smaller size screen it they want to use their mobile phone as their preferred device for web use. S4 has a better resolution 1920×1080 vs Note 2´s 1280×720, but the lesser pixel density is not something you really notice. Iphone 5 has a the worst resolution 1136 x 640 of the three, but since it is a smaller screen size, the pixel density is higher than on Note II. Since all of them are practically retina displays – you cannot see the pixels – the resolution is not an issue anymore. It is now all about the screen sizes.

Fables and facts about phablets

If bigger is better for you, is up to you to decide. The Note 2´s 5,5 inches fits most pockets, but not skinny women´s jeans. The narrower and thinner Iphone 5 is probably easiest for women who prefer tight jeans and do not carry a purse.  I am not sure if the 5 inch screen of the S4 is enough to get you to sell your Ipad, Galaxy Tab or any other tablet. The 5,5 inch Note 2 screen is close. But if you really want to help save the planet by not bying unnecessary things that use rear earth metals and polutes, and at the same time makes life easier, wait for the Note III.

According to the rumors from Galaxy Note 3 will be ready in August or September. It will have the same camera as the S4 and about the same hardware.  But the screen will, according to the site, have a huge 6 inch screen that matches the resolution of the S4.  Compare that with the ever shrinking tablets like Galaxy Note 8 (8 inches), Ipad mini (7,9 inches), Nexus 7 (7,8 inches), Kindle Fire HD (7,4 inches) and the coming Galaxy Tab 3 (7 inches) we are probaly homing in on the optimal phablet size. It would be were the awkwardness of talking into a huge tablet and operating it with one hand still is low enough to be outweighed  by the enjoyment of a big screen.

Let the companies cannibalize their own market and check out if you can live without the tablets by letting you phone grow. At least you should wait and give the bigger screen a chance if you can wait so long. 


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