Those little annoying things

Switching from IOS to Android can be a little frustrating and I will list a couple of the benefits and disadvantages I have discovered so far. Since this is my first venture out of the Apple world for quite a few years I am not sure if these issues are general to Android or specific to Samsung Galaxy Note II.

CC: Tsahi Levent-Levi
CC: Tsahi Levent-Levi


1. The roller curtains. Being able to roll down info from the top of the screen was not my favorite thing when IOS suddenly implemented it. I guess Android always had this function, but my phone even has a very annoying side bar with a huge lobe sticking out of the left screen. I can move it up or down, but it is bound to be in the way. How to get rid of it is not intuituve, press and hold the back button.

2. Turning down the volume does NOT make the phone go silent. The volume control only turns down the volume in any given app you happen to in, so if you open another app you probably are going to annoy a bunch of people till you finally learn how to disable all sounds in the roll down menu in the the top.

3. Probably not the biggest problem with Android, but I took me quite some time to get use to how to exit the short symbol menu under the punctuation mark in the keyboard. It has no close button but you only have  to click somewhere else. Also having  another menu for even fewer symbols under the question mark and other symbols key for all symbols represents perhaps one of the more fundamental differences between IOS and Android. So many choices.


1. Automatic updating apps is one of Androids HUGE advantages over IOS. If you are an experienced Apple user, you might not agree with me because you know Apple have a tendency to remove features you like and you want to selective when updating things. Well you can be in Android as well, but one of my biggest complaints with IOS is the constant manual updating of apps and that is history.

2. The back button and the menu botton below the screen takes a little time to get used to, but when you do, it makes things easier than in IOS. The back button works not only in web browser but also in any other program. I just wished it would work between programs as well, but it does not take you back to the app you used before watching a couple of websites.

3. Numerical keyboard


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