A new beginning

Hi, my name is Chris and I am an Appleholic. I first got the taste of the sweet Apple when I exchanged my Nokia 95 with an iPhone back i 2010. The same year my work place changed all the PC work stations with Macs, and I followed shortly switching from Windows to OS X at home.

Now my home is filled with two iPhones, one iPad, two macbook pros, a time capsule and an Apple TV. The Apple life has been good. Convenient. Easy. And I have even recruited my mother and father to join the one big happy apple family with the hassle free software and stylish hardware.

But recent turn of events have made me rediscover the world outside.

A new beginning
CC: jonmatthew photography

It started when Apple kicked out Google Maps and replaced it with their infamous own map service. Or did it start even before? I guess I should have felt it when I tried to copy videos I bought from an external online shop to iPad, but gave up and bought them in iTunes instead. Or when I tried to help my mother-in-law to copy photos from an iPhone to her PC. Something was rotten in the state of user-friendliness.

The last year or so the world has witnessed how other companies have retaken and surpassed Apple technologically. Yesterday a local computer site commented that the Apple Era is over. So sensing my own growing frustration and the technological events, I did something either incredibly stupid or pretty brave.

The inciting incident was an accident. I was trying to get some dirt out of my bag. Over the toilet.  I did not remember that in one of the side pockets of the bag I had put my iPhone. So watching my life going down the drain, I quickly decided that my next phone would not be from Apple. In fact I got inspired by all the phablet talk to see if I could rid my life not from just one, but two Apple products in one go.

This page is devoted to my struggle back to normal. To see how life will be without Apple products. I am not sure if I will fully recover, or recover at all. I am not sure if I have the motivation to give up the over priced but slim, sleek and sophisticated Apple Life. I hope you will join my effort and support me on my way.


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